As part of our club philosophy of player-centered transparency, we charge our families what is required to run our club ensuring the optimal development of each child.  For this reason, we do not require any fundraising from our families to fund the club.  HOWEVER, we feel that fundraising can be a really important way for families to ease the financial burden of playing club soccer and is therefore fully supported by the club. To that end, CenCal Cosmos provides the following ways for you to help pay for your child’s soccer experience.

Whole Club Fundraising Events Cosmos sponsors the following events for the entire club:: 

  • TNT Fireworks Fundraiser.  Pre-sale fireworks. 50% of the sale goes directly to the account of the player who sells the fireworks.
  • Casino Tournament Nights at “Club one Casino”.  3 times a year.  $50 buy in, unlimited $20 rebuys (first three rounds). Guarantee of $30 back to the player. 
  • Cosmos Night Dinner Dance. $50 ticket, minimum $25 back to player.  100% of proceeds from live, silent and dessert auction go to the account of the player who provides the item.

Individual Fundraisers

Cosmos makes available a continuous supply of individual fundraisers that are overseen by the office.  These allow families to raise money at any time of the year.  There is no pressure to take part but the option is there if a family needs/wants it. 

Examples of individual fundraisers include :: SaveAround coupon books ($12.50 of which  goes to the player)

World’s Finest Chocolate (60 bars at $1 per bar, $30 profit per box)

Jamba Juice cards ($10 gift card includes 8 bogo’s, $5 profit per card).

Player Sponsors. Please contact the office for a letter that can be used when approaching a business about sponsoring your player. 

Team Fundraisers

Teams are encouraged to develop fundraisers to earn money for your team accounts. Please complete the below application at least two (2) weeks before a proposed event. CenCal Cosmos will consider the event for approval based on its compliance with the use of CCC’s non-profit status and name as well as the appropriateness of the event.

ALL earnings from team fundraisers go directly to each players account or the team account. No money flows to the club. CenCal Cosmos office will credit each players account. (IE: Funds can go directly to tournament accounts or membership dues).